Welcome to Risk Hub, a platform dedicated to supporting the risk advice community in overcoming challenges and enhancing your professional journey. The Risk Insurance Industry has suffered greatly over recent years, with the delivery of advice becoming more complex, costly, and inefficient. Help is needed to address these issues, and Risk Hub aims to be a part of the solution.

At Risk Hub, our focus is on providing valuable resources and fostering collaboration among advisers, support staff, and service providers. We understand the difficulties faced in delivering advice to consumers and the need to streamline access to timely information, guidance, and solutions. That’s why Risk Hub was developed—to serve as a central resource center to support the delivery of risk advice.

Risk Hub brings together a diverse network of industry experts, thought leaders, and contributors to curate and deliver relevant content, resources, and educational materials. Our aim is to empower risk advisers to enhance their knowledge, skills, and business operations, ultimately driving positive outcomes for their clients.

Behind Risk Hub stands Marc Fabris, a highly experienced financial services professional with a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies. Having run his own successful life insurance advice business and held prominent corporate roles with both local and global responsibilities, Marc has firsthand knowledge of the obstacles faced by advisers and businesses.

Throughout his career, Marc has been dedicated to unlocking the full potential of advisers. He has actively contributed to the industry by serving as a judge for the former AFA Adviser of the Year award, recognising and celebrating excellence within the advice profession.

With a passion for collaboration and continuous learning, Marc has led the charge in ensuring that Risk Hub sits at the forefront of industry trends, emerging practices, and innovative solutions. Through his leadership and the contributions of our network, Risk Hub strives to drive positive change, foster innovation, and elevate the standards of risk advice across the industry.

Risk Hub is committed to creating a supportive platform that not only offers valuable resources but also encourages professional development and collaboration within the risk advice community. We aim to empower advisers to thrive and deliver exceptional outcomes for their clients.

Join us on this journey as we shape a stronger future for risk advice. Discover the wealth of knowledge and support available at Risk Hub and unlock your potential for success.

Together, let’s navigate the complexities of risk advice, foster collaboration, and achieve excellence in our profession!

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